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UPS DC switching power supply technology for security systems against fire, closed-circuit TV or others.
They are presented in a wall box with housing for battery and external LED showing the state of the UPS.
They have an automatic battery charger-efficient, which depending on the level of battery determines switching of voltage load at a voltage of floating or standby.
The batteries should be of the lead-acid type at 12V.
Alarm with potential free contact and a maximum intensity of 2.5A in resistive load. It works by failure:
- No battery - Battery very low - Battery Discharging - Battery Charging - Overload
- Shorted battery charger – Reverse Polarity Battery - Failure to 230Vac network.
- Fuse battery-cast (6.3 A) - Fuse 230Vac Network-cast (2A)
On request can be varied hours autonomy, dimensions of the body, the battery and tensions entry, exit and power.