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They are stabilised and regulated power supplies. The negative has earth connection and can host the transmitting equipment.
They are fitted with buffer circuits for battery charging to prevent possible mains power failure by which they are suitable for employment equipment in transmission base and repeaters stations.
The criterion to apply resistant materials that are responsive to the desired work has been the basis of their design. Therefore, they have achieved a great robustness and an excellent performance.
They are protected against short circuits and limited intensity through a switch located in the back. The intensity is 10A for equipment higher transmission power and 5A for low power.
They have crowbar circuit protection for preventing to of equipment connected possible malfunction by an outflow of circumstantial overvoltage.
In the subsequent panel are terminal connections batteries and transmitter equipment to facilitate its facility.
In the front panel there is start switch and indicators. The green pilot LED is of output voltage active and red LED when is working current limitation.